Mitchells & Butlers: Improved stock visibility and data quality for leading pub group

Mitchells & Butlers, the UK’s leading operator of managed pubs and restaurants, has 2,000 businesses raising 15,000 orders every week. Full visibility of stock and reliable product data is vital to the efficiency of the pub group.

“Mitchells & Butlers staff are able to spot ordering, delivery and invoicing errors in advance, avoid unnecessary costs and receive up-to-date and accurate product data from suppliers – driving supply chain efficiency throughout the business.”

To meet this need, Mitchells & Butlers implemented GS1 standards for their centralised stock control system, using GS1 eCom Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) and rolling out Global Data Sychronisation (GDS) with their suppliers. GS1 UK assisted the company with the planning and onboarding process to ensure full GDS compliance.

Since implementing ASNs at the pub level, the company has benefited from faster, more accurate and more efficient ordering and stock control processes. The automated ordering system has allowed pub managers to devote more time to managing their pubs and improving customer service levels, because they have fewer time-consuming administrative tasks such as manually matching orders to delivery notes. Furthermore, with full visibility of stock, the company has been able to reallocate stock between pubs to reduce waste and make effective forecasts, which is vital during busy seasonal periods. Payments to suppliers have also become more efficient because invoicing errors can now be identified immediately by matching the invoice to the ASN.

In addition, Mitchells and Butlers has now onboarded all of its drinks suppliers to the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network following the success of its GDS pilot. Today, the company only accepts from its drinks suppliers new product lines and changes that are GDS-compliant and entered properly via the data pool.

GDS has allowed Mitchells & Butlers to benefit from all the renowned advantages of this automated and standardised way of exchanging accurate product information. The company currently identifies all of its 900 drink product lines using GS1 GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) and has eliminated the use of costly data translation tables which were previously needed to run its automated ordering and stock control system. Before deploying GDS, Mitchells and Butlers had identified that 37.5% of all the dimensional data received from its suppliers contained errors, so perhaps most interesting is the positive impact of data quality: With the implementation of GDS, Mitchells and Butlers are now able to identify any errors and verify the data before it enters their database, which allows them the confidence of knowing they have accurate product data at all times. With drinks suppliers fully GS1 compliant, Mitchells & Butlers is now working with GS1 UK to get the rest of its suppliers to deploy GS1 GDSN as well.

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